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American Indian Law

American Indian Law research is complex and challenging. This guide covers U.S. statutes, tribal codes, case law, and secondary sources.

Periodicals and their uses

Newspapers and periodicals provide relevant context and ideas for research. While not "hard evidence," these sources can help shape and develop an argument while providing new perspectives. If you are writing an academic or law review article, newspapers, and periodicals are good starting places to find novel legal issues or problems. 

Periodicals and Newspapers

The American Indian Law Review serves as a nationwide scholarly forum for analysis of developments in legal issues pertaining to Native Americans and indigenous peoples worldwide. Publishing two issues each year, AILR circulates in-depth articles by legal scholars, attorneys and other expert observers. In addition, the Review provides comments and notes written by student members and editors on a variety of Indian law-related topics. --Publisher's Website.


IndiJ Public Media honors our ancestors and future generations through stories that make Indigenous peoples come alive.

ICT is an independent, nonprofit, multimedia news enterprise. We reach audiences through our digital platform and as a broadcast carried via public television stations.

ICT covers Indigenous peoples.


--Publisher's Website.


We continue our work to provide important and relevant programming for practicing attorneys, judges, and all those working in the field of Federal Indian Law.  As we know, significant court cases and policies continue to impact Tribal communities.  It is our hope that our Section events will provide you with knowledge, information, strategies and tools to advocate for positive outcomes for all of Indian Country. -Publisher's Website. 


The NARF Legal Review is published semi-annually and provides updates on NARF’s cases and information on other timely Indian law topics. --Publisher's Website.


State Bar Legal Newsletters Concerning American Indian Law




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