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Historical and Archived Washington Statutory Codes

Secondary Sources

Deskbooks and CLE'S

The Washington State Bar Association publishes a number of deskbooks covering a variety of topics including:

  • Washington Community Property Deskbook
  • Washington Civil Procedure Deskbook
  • Washington Family Law Deskbook
  • Washington Real Property Deskbook series
  • The Law of Lawyering in Washington
  • Washington Appellate Practice Deskbook
  • Public Records Act Deskbook: Washington's Public Disclosure and Open Public Meetings Laws
  • Washington Legal Ethics Deskbook
  • Washington Partnership and Limited Liability Company Deskbook
  • Washington Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook series
  • Washington Probate Procedure and Tax Manual with Forms
  • Washington Probate Deskbook
  • Washington Law of Wills and Intestate Succession

Search the Law Library's catalog (see below) for availability of the print version. 

Legal Treatises

Washington Practice is a comprehensive multi-volume set covering topics such as civil procedure, contracts, evidence, family law, landlord-tenant law, criminal procedure and tort law. A general index is located at the end of the set. In addition to expert analysis and numerous citations to Washington primary materials, there are many legal forms that can assist in drafting pleadings and other legal documents.

Print: Kelley Reading Room

Westlaw: Washington Practice series database

Washington Lawyers Practice Manual is an eight-volume looseleaf set published by the King County Bar Association.  Chapters include appellate practice, personal injury, consumer law, business law, land use and environmental law.  This set also includes many sample forms.

Print: KF300.W27 1990, Call Number Order area on the lower level

Washington Administrative Law Practice Manual is a single loose-leaf volume published by LexisNexis and updated annually with supplementary material.  It provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of administrative law in Washington including the Appearance of Fairness Doctrine, Public Disclosure Act, public records, open public meetings, rule making, administrative investigations, judicial review of agency decisions, as well as local and tribal administrative law.

Print: KF5402.W2 1991, Call Number Order area on the lower level

Government Websites

Journals and Law Reviews

Chastek Library maintains a comprehensive collection of Washington journals and law reviews, either in print or electronic format (through subscription  databases HeinOnline and Westlaw).

Search collections of journal articles to find the latest research and information on Washington law. Both Westlaw (All Washington Law Reviews & Journals database) and HeinOnline (search by state in the Law Journal Library) provide combined databases that include scholarly articles published in Washington.

Search PRIMO, our online public access catalog, for a particular title. If the location listed in our catalog is “HeinOnline,” we have in-library access to it through our subscription to the HeinOnline database.

News and Current Awareness

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