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Reading a Headnote on Westlaw and in a West Reporter

Explains how the West topic and key number system displays differently on Westlaw and in a print West reporter.

Renumbering the Key Numbers in a Particular Topic

Here is an example where West editors have renumbered the key numbers in a particular topic.  In some instances, West editors revise and renumber topics to reflect new judicial developments within topics.  This headnote is taken from United States v. Waltzer, 682 F.2d 370 (2d. Cir. 1982). If one were to look at this headnote on Westlaw Edge, it would look like this:

If one were to look at this headnote in a West Reporter (Federal Reporter), it would look like this: 

For obvious reasons, West editors don’t go back and change print reporters due to the logistical issues involved in sending out.  

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