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Comparing State Laws

Describes topical finding aids for surveys of state laws.

Subject Specific Sources

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

Agriculture & Farming

Animals & Pets

Business Associations

American Bar Association Committee on Corporate Laws, Model Business Corporation Act Annotated (4th ed. 2008).

Child Abuse & Welfare

Consumer Law

American Bar Association Commercial Finance Committee, Commercial Lending Law: A State-By-State Guide (2009).

Charles Harak, et al, Access to Utility Service: Regulated, De-regulated and Unregulated Utilities, Deliverable Fuels, and Telecommunications (6th ed. 2018).

Carolyn L. Carter, Repossessions (9th ed. 2017).

Carolyn L. Carter, Automobile Fraud: Odometer, Salvage, and Lemon Laundering Fraud, Title Abuses and Yo-Yo Sales (6th ed. 2018).


Linda L. Schlueter, Punitive Damages (7th ed. 2015).


Elder Law

Elections & Voting

Employment Law

Brian M. Malsberger, Covenants Not To Compete: A State-by-State Survey (12th ed. 2018).

Brian M. Malsberger, Employee Duty of Loyalty: A State-by-State Survey (7th ed. 2018).

Peter M. Panken, A State-by-State Survey of the Law on Religion in the Workplace (2001).

Firearms & Weapons

Freedom of Speech


Roger D. Townsend, ed., Superseding and Staying Judgments:  A National Compendium (2007).

LGBT Persons

News Media

Sports Law

Robert G. Rodriguez, The Regulation of Boxing: A History and Comparative Analysis of Policies Among American States (2009).


Susan Pace Hamill, As Certain as Death: A Fifty-State Survey of State and Local Tax Laws (2007).

Trade Secrets

Brian M. Malsberger, Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey (7th ed. 2019).

Water Law

Robert E. Beck, ed., Waters and Water Rights (3d ed. 2009).

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