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Regulatory History

This guide provides information on conducting regulatory history research and includes links to resources for both Federal and Washington State regulatory materials.

Compiling a Washington State Regulatory History

Tracing Washington State regulatory history involves a similar process as explained under Federal Regulatory History.  See our guide to Administrative Law: Online Resources for links to access the Washington Administrative Code and the Washington State Register online. 

  • Start with your citation to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). 
  • Once you have found your WAC regulation, look at the bottom of the text.  You'll see a citation to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) granting authority for the regulation. 
  • In this same section, you will also find a citation to the Washington State Register (WSR) where these regulations are published prior to being codified in the WAC.  The WSR will contain historical information regarding the regulation, including providing a statement of purpose for the proposed rules.  You may also find other documents preproposal or interpretive statements. 


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