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Federal Legislative History Basics

Outlines the basic steps for finding a compiled federal legislative history using library databases and internet sources.

Library Databases

HeinOnline - U.S. Federal Legislative History Library

Includes the following resources:

  • Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories Database
  • U.S. Federal Legislative History Title Collection

HeinOnline - U.S. Congressional Documents Library

Includes the complete Congressional Record bound version, as well as the daily version back to 1980. In addition, you can access the three predecessor titles: Annals of Congress (1789-1824), Register of Debates (1824-1837), Congressional Globe (1833-1873), and selected congressional hearings (1927-current).

ProQuest - Legislative Insight

Includes the compilations of digital, full-text congressional documents relevant to enacted U.S. public laws, 1929 - 2015. Begin your search with Legislative Insight when looking for a compiled legislative history for enacted legislation.

ProQuest - Congressional

Includes information for legislation that has been both enacted and not enacted into law. Includes the U.S. Serial Set, 1789 - 1969, with the maps collection.  Use Congressional to expand your research for prior attempts to pass legislation, or to access the deep historical archive of the Serial Set.

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