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Compiled Federal Legislative History in Print

This guide lists compiled legislative histories held by the Chastek Library in print form, along with microform and electronic sources.

Collections of Legislative Histories

Economic Regulation of Business and Industry: A Legislative History of U.S. Regulatory Agencies (1973)

Bernard Schwartz

Federal Securities Laws: Legislative History, 1933-1982 (1983)

Federal Bar Association, Securities Law Committee

Immigration and Nationality Acts: 2nd Series: Legislative Histories and Related Documents

William S. Hein, Inc.

Legal Compilation: Statutes and Legislative History, Executive Orders, Regulations, Guidelines and Reports (1973)

Environmental Protection Agency

o   General – 6 Volumes

o   Air – 5 Volumes

o   Water – 7 Volumes

o   Solid Waste – 1 Volume

o   Pesticides – 4 Volumes

o   Radiation – 3 Volumes

o   Noise – 5 Volumes

Legislative History of American Immigration Policy, 1798-1965 (1981)

Edward P. Hutchinson

Legislative History of Federal Income and Excess Profits Tax Laws, 1953-1939 (1954)

J. S. Seidman

Legislative History of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Covering All Changes Made in the Code from the Date of its Enactment on August 16, 1954, to the End of the First Session of the 89th Congress in 1965 - Together with Effective Dates and Applicability, Pertinent Ancillary Provisions, Explanatory and Historical Notes, Tables and Appendixes, and a Cumulative Supplement (1967)

Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation

Legislative History of United States Tax Conventions: Roberts & Holland Collection (1986)

Sidney I. Roberts

Legislative History of United States Tax Conventions (1962)

Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation

Reconstruction Amendments’ Debates: The Legislative History and contemporary Debates in Congress on the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments

Alvin Avins

Seidman’s Legislative History of Excess Profits Tax Laws, 1946-1917 (1947)

J. S. Seidman

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