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Voting Rights


Voting is the undisputed cornerstone of democracy. Voting allows us to choose those who represent us. In turn, these representatives determine policy and the direction of our country. Voting, then, is directly related to political outcomes which affect the lives of every American. Because of the large impact voting has, it is the duty of every citizen to remain informed of the voting process, as well as what (or who) they are voting for. This guide is intended to be a step in that direction. This guide provides information and resources on the history of the right to vote: including former limitations, legislations, and cases on the right. Next, an outline of the current legal landscape regarding the right to vote is provided. This portion covers a wide variety of topics including voter fraud, individual rights, election law, redistricting, and campaign financing. Lastly, this guide provides information and resources on how to vote in Washington on the state and county level.

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