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Racial Justice: Race and Diversity in America

Police Reform and Accountability

Washington State

Requires law enforcement officers to complete de-escalation training and mental health training.
Modifies the criminal liability standard for law enforcement officers using deadly force.
Requires independent investigations of certain incidents involving a law enforcement officer's use of deadly force.
Establishes state policy requiring law enforcement personnel to render first aid.

  • WA House Bill 1064

Spokane Police Accountability

The Spokane Police Department welcomes inquiries from the community concerning the performance of our employees. Investigation of these situations often allows us to assess the actions our employees with the ultimate objective of improving service.

Complaint forms in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese

For more information on the Personnel Complaint Procedure, please visit our website and view Policy 1020 of the current Policy Manual (pages 496-506)

Know Your Rights


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