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Racial Justice: Race and Diversity in America

Gonzaga On Campus Groups

The Center for Civil and Human Rights provides students, scholars, and community leaders with opportunities to explore and address issues relating to civil and human rights through research, education, and community engagement.

The Multicultural Law Caucus (MLC) is a non-profit, student-run organization focused on community building. The primary purpose of MLC is to promote diversity and inclusion within Gonzaga University School of Law's community of students, faculty, and staff members. To foster this goal, MLC aims to facilitate educational forums and community wide events focused on issues minority legal professionals face. These include, but are not  limited to, issues concerning diversity, race, socioeconomic status, and national origins. The aim is to create a nurturing community for minority law students, while also preparing them as future legal professionals in a myriad of fields. This organization welcomes all students to participate in its school and community activities.

The Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies advances the academic field of Hate Studies and links the Gonzaga community with experts and key stakeholders worldwide through activities of inquiry, scholarship, and action-service in our areas of engagement.

We, the Latino and Latina students of Gonzaga University School of Law, with our allies, establish the Latina/o Law Student Association (LLSA), formerly known as the Hispanic Law Caucus, to provide an academic and social network to help students navigate the rigors of law school, to promote higher education and to provide mentorship for newly admitted students as well as youth interested in law.

At Gonzaga, we nurture the dignity of all people to create an inclusive and increasingly multicultural academic community. This commitment to diversity is part of who we are as a University, and it reflects our deeply rooted Jesuit and Catholic ideals of social justice and service. To create a diverse and inclusive community, we encourage dialogue, intellectual exchange and solidarity. We work to create a learning environment that promotes cultural engagement, enriches mindfulness, fosters a sense of belonging, and challenges systems of privilege and oppression.

Our purpose is to advocate for underrepresented students and provide experiential learning opportunities for all students in order to create a university community that integrates and values multiple perspectives and cultural narratives.

Chastek Library, Gonzaga University School of Law | 721 N. Cincinnati St. Spokane, WA 99220-3528 | 509.313.3758