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Student Employee Orientation



While we at Chastek Library wish to remain very flexible when it comes to your lives outside of the library regarding finals, games, emergencies,  illnesses, events, scheduling conflicts, etc., we rely on you as desk staff and need you to show up for shifts especially if a day-of absence falls outside the bounds of acceptable reasons. 

Check with your supervisor for your semester schedule.

Acceptable reasons to call in the day of a scheduled shift include:

  • Illnesses (even if it is a cold, please let us know – you do not need to work if you do not feel well)
  • Emergencies (family, personal, etc. – do not feel that you have to show up. Just send a text, email, or call whenever you are able)
  • Advisor/teacher meetings (these can happen quickly – please shoot your supervisor a text or email so they know you will either miss your shift or come in later. Give them as much notice as possible
  • Tests - HOWEVER, these are scheduled in advance and it is expected that students who have conflicts will notify their supervisor prior to their shift when the tests are first scheduled.

Dropping a shift is different and may be for any reason as long as you give 24-48 hour prior notice (read Dropping a Shift below). It is not your responsibility to find a replacement staff member for your shift – Head of Public Services or your immediate supervisor will do that.

Calling In/Texting

  • You must call in or text that you will be unable to make it at least 30 minutes before your shift.
    • Please do not call in/text the exact moment you should be starting and especially after your shift should have started (unless it is an emergency).  
  • Feel free to give your absence notice to whomever answers the circulation phone but please be aware that your supervisor may not receive that message. Follow it up with an email or text if you are concerned that they may not have received the message.
  • No-call, no-shows are unacceptable in a professional setting. If you do not show up for your shift you will be (formally or informally) talked to. If it happens twice in 90 days, you will be given a written warning. If it happens a third time within 90 days of the written warning, your position at the library may be subject to termination.

Dropping a Shift

  • You must contact your supervisor if you are dropping a shift – email, text, or in-person.
  • You must give 24 hour notice before dropping a shift online – unless your shift falls on a weekend. If your shift falls on a weekend, you must give us at least 48 hours notice before the end of the week or by Thursday morning at the latest.
  • Do not drop a shift right before you are expected to be here (unless given prior approval) – this may be subject to an informal or formal conversation about professional responsibility and expectations.  
    • For example, if you are expected to be here at 10am, do not go online at 9:55am and drop your shift unless given prior approval by your supervisor.
  • If you drop too many scheduled shifts on the same day over several weeks, your supervisor will change your schedule to better align with your availability.
  • If you are going to pick up a shift, please make sure that you are actually available to work it. If you pick up a shift and then drop it, you are taking the opportunity for other staff members to pick-up that shift to make up time.

Schedule Changes

  • Your immediate supervisor reserves the right to change your schedule. Saying that – they will make sure to have a conversation with you prior to any changes being made and will respect your availability to the best of their ability.
  • If you need a major schedule change, instead of dropping a shift (or shifts), talk to your supervisor.

Makeup Shifts

  • Please do not just randomly show up at the library to make up hours that you’ve missed. You need to get shift approval to come in and your supervisor needs to know when you will be here as a staff member. If you do not get prior shift approval, you may be sent home because we have no assignments or tasks for you to do.

Coming in Early

  • If you must leave early from your shift for any reason please just let your supervisor know. You can arrive 10 minutes early if you need to head out early. If you are wanting to arrive 20 minutes – 1 hour early for your shift and leave 00 minutes – 1 hour early, please get prior approval for that. Other students rely on you to complete their assigned tasks and the librarians may be unable to cover the desk during that time due to scheduling conflicts.
    • Please do not abuse this as you are scheduled at a certain time for a reason. If this becomes a constant, your supervisor will look into altering your shift on the semester schedule to better align with your availability.  

A schedule is created each semester based upon the needs of the library and the hours that each employee is able to work. Please notify your immediate supervisor about your availability as soon as you know your semester schedule. 

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