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Clockify How-To


You will be receiving an invitation to use Clockify in your account.

Make sure that you login and create a password that you can remember. It will open on the Time Tracker page.

NOTE: You will need to log your instructional time DAILY. The timesheet will lock down at the end of the week and you will be unable to make any corrections. If you need to edit your time, please contact Lisa Clark, Vicky Daniels, or Waunita Myers.

For clinics and externships, only record your seminar time. The CMS you’re using for clinic field work and your externship field work hourse are recorded in a different system that isn’t connected with Clockify.


  • Click into Timesheet.

  • Click the "Task @Project" hyperlink and find your classes.

  • Once you have chosen your classes, you will clock your time.

  • You can click the right-hand side of the hour box where the three dots are located (seen above) and add descriptions, tags, and you can edit your hours.

  • When entering time by either the tracker or the time sheet, be sure to select a tag (see below). That helps us know in what modality you are receiving your instruction.


Time Tracker

Time Tracker will allow you to see how much time you have collected over the course of the week.


  • You can go in to settings and upload a photo, change your password, enable dark mode, alter your email notifications, and much more.

If it’s unclear which activities are instructional for ABA purposes, please contact your professor directly.

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