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IP Law: Patents

This guide will provide the basic information you need to know to begin researching and understanding patent law. This guide includes a patent law primer, practical help, and sources for legal research.

Research Tips

What are you looking for in Preliminary Analysis?

You want to:

  • Identify relevant and material facts;
  • Select appropriate words and phrases to use as search terms;
  • Identify preliminary issues and formulate search queries; 
  • Identify the jurisdiction(s) involved; 
  • Identify what you know about the area of law;
  • Identify questions and gaps in your knowledge of the law that need to be filled; 

This is the most important stage in the research process. Here, you develop your questions, refine your issues, and sharpen your understanding of the topic. The following sources provide practical knowledge, useful tips, and the necessary information to research and understand trade secret law. 

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