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Law School Orientation at Gonzaga University School of Law - Fall 2022

Orientation for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction

Printing Policy

Printing at Gonzaga University School of Law

Printing Policy

There are two network  printers/photocopiers/scanners located on the first and second floor photocopy rooms. There is also a network black & white/color printer in the computer lab on the first floor of the library. You can print from lab computers or your laptop through the law school’s wireless network. The law library deposits $324 free printing into a print account for you at the beginning of your first year. The costs for printing in black & white are 7 cents per single page and 6 cents per duplex page; color prints are 25 cents per single page and 24 cents per duplex page. Your print balance displays when you log onto the lab computers. If you exhaust your $324 printing amount, you can replenish your print amount through Gonzaga’s Bulldog Bucks.  

Lexis Printing

Lexis+ Printing

Lexis+ provides free and unlimited printing throughout your law school career.  There are two Lexis+ printers in the library - one in the computer lab on the first floor of the library and in the copier room on the second floor of the library.  Printing is done through the Lexis+ website.   

Lexis+ is the only subscription database that provides students with free printing, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law do NOT provide free printing.

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