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Chastek Library Information

Parking and Maps

Main campus map can be located here

Chastek Library is undergoing construction on the first and third floors. Current maps do not reflect the future layout of the library.


Visitors are required to register their cars in order to park in the law school parking lots. Visitors can park in any green or orange lot, but must first obtain a temporary parking permit from the Circulation Desk. Visitors to the law school staying less than two hours may park in the numbered visitor parking stalls, but must sign in with either the University Legal Assistance Clinic or the Admissions Office located off the lobby of the law school. Additional parking information can be found here.


A copy of the parking rules and regulations is available from the Parking office, or available online.


If you received a citation at Gonzaga University and are not a visitor, you can pay your fine or appeal your citation. As an incentive to pay fines promptly, citations paid within 7 days of issuance will be reduced to half the price. Please visit our online portal to pay or appeal your citation, or visit the Parking Office at 503 E. Sharp to pay in person. Gonzaga students’ citations that remain unpaid for 60 days may result in a hold on your Student Account.


University parking rules and regulations are enforced every day year-round unless otherwise specified. A heavier emphasis on parking patrol will occur during regular business hours throughout the academic year. Anyone with a valid permit, regardless of color, may park in any non-residential lot after 5:00 pm until the following 8:00am Monday through Friday, on weekends, and on University holidays and breaks. Parking in fire lanes, reserved stalls, disabled person stalls, sidewalks, brick, lawn, construction and maintenance areas is prohibited and enforced every day year-round.

Call the Parking Office at ext. 4147 or (509) 313-4147 for more information.

Chastek Library, Gonzaga University School of Law | 721 N. Cincinnati St. Spokane, WA 99220-3528 | 509.313.3758