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Administrative Law: Online Sources: Federal Regulations

Lists online sources, both subscription and internet, for federal and Washington state administrative regulations, agency decisions, and executive materials.

Administrative Law Flowchart

Federal Register Sources

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Code of Federal Regulations

To find regulations currently in force for your topic, start your research in the Code of Federal Regulations. Use the official index published with the current year's CFR, or West's detailed index to identify where regulations on your topic are located.

Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis and Westlaw CFR databases incorporate changes within seven days. To update regulations, search each vendor's Federal Register database for revisions issued since that date. Westlaw links to pending changes in the Federal Register using KeyCite.

Fastest and most cost-effective way to update regulations is to use GPO's FDsys website. FDsys has the same quarterly publication schedule for the printed CFR volumes, and is considered an official source.To update your regulation, note the date when the current CFR volume containing your section was revised/published. Then consult the next two items in this box to complete your updating.

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Use a citator service to discover if there are any decisions or secondary sources discussing a CFR section. Try more than one citator as you may get different results.

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